Sunday, September 19, 2010

Treat Time, A Finish and Uncle Sam

Treat time for the kitties!  Every day 5 kitties share a can of treat food, it's the highlight of their day.  Only 5 kitties because one of them {Tigger} doesn't eat anything except his dry food.
Here's one of Carol's charts at , it's called Sew The Sampler Guild.  I stitched it with a new to me thread called Rainbow Tweed.  I believe it is mostly used for needlepoint, but when I tried it, it was really nice to stitch with, and I like the way it looks.
This is my favorite cereal.  It has crispy wheat flakes and flaxseeds in it.  This is what happens when you plant the flaxseeds.  I now have my very own flax plants.  Today two pretty blue flowers bloomed out, can you see them?  Theoretically, I could make my own linen out of this plant if only I knew how.  But never mind, I will just keep eating the cereal instead!


Annie said...

The kitties really take over the space, don't they!

Love your stitching. Those are gorgeous threads.

Sharon said...

Beautiful stitching! Adorable kitties!