Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stash Report and Faucets

I got this stash in the mail yesterday from   Included are all the new Limited Edition Gentle Arts Sampler threads from the recent St. Charles market, two charts from LHN, plus the little holly buttons for All is Calm.  Then there are two mesh storage bags which you can never have enough of.  And see the four Valdani threads in the middle there?  After I had sent in my order for the other things, I saw that Anita had added these new colors, so I emailed her and asked her to add them to my order.  And being the sweet person that she is, she said that the Valdanis would be a free gift because I have ordered from her several times.  The fact that she is such a lovely person to do business with is just one of the reasons I keep going back to shop with her!
We got some new faucets for the bathroom sink the other day.  I love them.  I think they look just right for the bathroom in a 100 year old farm house.  And while we are in the bathroom, I'll show you one of my cross stitch pictures that's hanging in there--

It's a design by Helen Philipps and it was done with DMC and Waterlilies threads.
And last but not least, a picture of my Dad who is 89 when we were having lunch out today.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening!  And thank you again to my blog followers, both the "older" ones and the newer ones, and thanks so much for the kind and sweet comments that have been left.  They mean so much to me!


Annie said...

Beautiful new stash and what fun to get the freebie extras!

Love the faucets. I could use new ones myself.

Happy Birthday to your Dad!

Karen said...

Oops! I worded the sentence about Dad wrong, I should have said, My Dad, who is 89, was having lunch with us today. His birthday was actually in June! But thank you, Annie, for your birthday wishes and lovely comments anyway!

Nancy said...

Enjoy your new stash! I agree that Anita is such a sweet person to work with!

Such a pretty, shiny new faucet, and I love your Lavender cross stitch. Your Dad looks like such a nice person.

Connie said...

Happy stitching with your lovely stash! I'm inspired by your Lavender hanging. I'm in the process of re-doing my bathroom (due to a major plumbing problem - ugh) and have been considering putting one of my cross stitch pieces there.

Vladisa said...

Really Happy Sunday! Congratulation! I like Anita's shop very much too!
And about Lavender sampler: it's wonderful!!!
I didn't see this design before...