Sunday, November 21, 2010

Two Red Houses, Vintage Hearts and Harley

I'm sure you recognize this as one of Little House Needelwork's designs from a few years back.  It was a really fun stitch and when I decided to finish it off, I thought this checkered fabric would be perfect for it.
I also had some black and white checkered ribbon on hand which worked nicely for the hanger.
And now for something a little different:

I've been thinking about doing this type of embroidery for a while now, it seems to be becoming more popular lately and I see it everywhere.  I used to do it a lot many years ago until I discovered cross stitch and then that was that.  It was fun though, and the nice thing is now we have all the overdyed and multi-colored threads we can use which makes it even more fun.  I found this free pattern at and she has many more that are just as nice.

I found these heart pincushions at a craft show yesterday.  They are made out of vintage fabrics and I got them for the unbelieveable price of one dollar each!  I don't suppose I needed any more pincushions but I just couldn't resist!

Here's Harley taking his afternoon nap.  I've been trying to get pictures of our other kitties to put on the blog, but I can't seem to get them to cooperate.  They always look away at the last second or run off when I go to get the camera.  We have a lot of pictures of Harley because he's such a little ham he's always ready to pose.
Maybe it's because he's such a people kitty, he likes everyone! 
Thanks, everyone,  for visiting, I hope you enjoyed yourselves for a minute or two!


Nancy said...

Your Two Red Houses is beautiful, and I love the black and white check fabric with it. Gorgeous embroidery, and thanks for the link. I have some vintage linens that I plan to embroider next year. The heart pincushions are so pretty, and you really did get a good buy on those! And Harley, what a gorgeous kitty!

Sally said...

I love your Two Red Houses. You've finished it so beautifully.

Awww Harley is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Harley looks very cosy there ;) Love your finish, the fabric sets off the design to perfection!