Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Bag, a Bird and Kitties

Hi everyone, I'm glad you stopped in to visit!  It's a beautiful October day here and I wanted to show you what I've been up to.  The lovely design on this bag is from the most recent Blackbird Designs book, "A Schoolgirl's Work."  It's "Polly's Sewing Box", but I decided to put it on a bag instead.
I used mostly the recommended floss colors but chose Antique Rose to replace Woodrose, I knew I would like it better with a more pink look.  I also did the door on the house in pink instead of the off white and stitched the little beehive with satin stitches.  Here's the back view with a lace trimmed pocket:
I also did some embroidery and made it into an ornament.
This is from a wonderful book called, "Simple Pleasures in Redwork".  It's full of gorgeous embroidery designs, most of which have a bird theme.  I used Carrie's Creation Silk floss in the color Lumiere de Cheryl and trimmed it with a tiny purple pom-pom trim around the edge.  This was a super fun project to stitch!  Here's a closer look at the stitches:
I've also been taking some kitty pictures:
Sweetpea, our little old lady kitty trying to beg a drink of water from the kitchen sink.
Harley, who's never too shy to have his picture taken.
Trixie, enjoying a little bit of sunshine.
Nap time for Maggie, Cricket, Trixie and Harley.
The last picture is of a morning glory that I found as a seedling in the yard and dug it up so it wouldn't get mowed down.  I potted it and put it in an upstairs window where it's been blooming very nicely.
These are one of my most favorite flowers, isn't it a beautiful blue?  I think I just might get a tattoo of one some day!  Thanks for  visiting, it's very much appreciated!