Sunday, January 22, 2012

Old Mill Embroidery

Here's what's been keeping me busy the last few weeks, I've really enjoyed stitching this!   I'm always thrilled to find a vintage pattern like this one.  I love the old country scenes more than anything.  I found it on one of the Flickr embroidery groups, can't remember which one, though.  I used a lot of Gentle Arts and Valdani threads plus a few odds and ends I had laying around.
This is a slightly closer view, do you see the nest with the baby birds in the tree?  They have their little beaks open waiting for Mama Bird to come back with a worm.  If anyone would like a copy of this pattern, let me know and I will email it to you.  Now, for a bit of cross stitch:
You can find this free chart from Lori at Notforgotten Farm.  She provided a DMC color code but I decided to use Carrie's and Dinky Dye's silk in just four colors.  Thanks, Lori, I've always loved your designs!
The lovely red that fills the house is Carrie's Quaker Red.  Some time ago, Anita slipped a skein of this into one of my orders from her as a free gift and now I've put it to good use.  Thank you, Anita!  
Thank you for visiting once again and thanks also for the sweet friendly comments you left on my last post.  I always enjoy every one of them!