Sunday, April 15, 2012

Embroidery, Stash and New Cat Tattoo

Hello, everyone!  I don't have any cross stitch to show you, I'm still working on my Jenny Bean's Creation Sampler, but I have done a few pieces of embroidery.
These designs are all from the Vintage Garden book that I told you about on my last post.  These things go a lot faster than cross stitch and I really enjoy doing them.  I also made a new stitching bag using an Aunt Martha's transfer of morning glories.
Please excuse the less than pristine condition of the bag since I have been using it the last couple of weeks. 
I've also had a chance to add to my stash; during spring break my hubby offered to take me to a nearby town where they have a wonderful Ben Franklin Crafts and a Hobby Lobby.  At Ben Franklin's I found this wonderful selection of co-ordinating fabrics. 
And from my favorite stash source, Anita, I was sent these two JBW Designs charts that I can't wait to start!
And here are some pearl cottons for emroidery and some of the newest DMC Color Variations threads.  The flowered fabric peaking out from under the doily is another pretty one from our trip to Ben Franklin's, I love the colors on it!
And now, my newest tattoo, I think it's my favorite one yet!
It was done by Erik, who did my other tattoos and I think he outdid himself with this one, I absolutely love it!  I found the image of the kitty which is an old Victorian picture and asked if he could put some pink roses under it.  The kitty was pictured with a sort of tasselly bow around her neck, which looked ok, but I really wanted some roses instead.  I think that the pink in the roses looks nice with the blue of the kitty's eyes.  I now have a cat on each arm!  Now I'm going to end this post with another kitty picture.  If you have a cat, have you noticed how they are always sitting or laying on whatever little object that you happen to throw down?  I had left my stitching hoop on the couch and then later on I looked and there was Trixie all curled up within the circle, I thought it was such a typically cat like thing to do!
Thank you for visiting this blog again, and for leaving such thoughtful comments on the last one, I appreciate it so much!


Solstitches said...

Karen your embroidery is absolutely beautiful.
Lovely new stash too!

Annie said...

Gorgeous embroidery! Such perfect satin stitches.

A lot of fun new stash to keep you busy. Love the pearl cotton colors.

And that tattoo! Pretty bold and beautiful!

Penny said...

Beautiful embroidery! Your stitches look so perfect. I wish my satin stitch looked like yours. It seems to be a case of practice not making perfect for me. :) Love the bee fabric and such pretty thread colors. Gorgeous tattoo and Trixie looks quite comfortable. :)

Anonymous said...

vos broderies sont absolument magnifique,
beau tatouage

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Love the embroidery........I just got my book of these designs in the other day. All I have done so far is sit and drool over each pattern! I love the way you embroidered these! Lovely cat tat! Yes, my cats do the same thing! I have not seen a Benjamin Franklins store in years. The one, where my grandparents lived, Colorado City, TX, closed many years ago.

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Just stopped back by to say hello. I still have not started embroidering anything from the book yet. I have some ideas.......just need to do it!Have a good weekend.

Nancy said...

Hi Karen! Sorry I missed this post, but I took a break from blogging the past few months. Your embroidery is gorgeous and always a source of inspiration for me! Enjoy your new fabrics too.

Your newest tattoo is a work of art and I'm going to send a link to your blog to one of my daughters so she can see it. Always enjoy your kitty pictures!