Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Walk in the Woods and Our Neighbor's Garden

Behind the local college where I work, there's a Natural Area that's a great place to walk.  The weather was perfect today so I decided to go.  There are a couple of miles of trails with boardwalks where it might otherwise be muddy or messy.
I took my "walking purse", a small over the shoulder bag for holding a few necessities.
The trail was sunny and beautiful, at least for this time of the year, not very many flowers left to look at.
But I found a few things to photograph anyway.
A lovely fern.
A small river running through the woods.
A lot of twisty, turny paths with roots to catch your feet if you're not careful.
And moss.  I love moss.
On the way back I noticed some little wild flowers peeking up through the boards.  I'm thankful for such a nice place to walk in and I can't wait to go back!  We were at our neighbor Lana's a few days ago, she has a beautiful garden of flowers.  This giant pink one is a hibiscus, I was surprised, I thought it only grew in more tropical areas.
Gorgeous peachy roses.
I can't remember what this plant is, but it's pretty.
I think the grasshopper likes this red rose as much as I do!
Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!