Friday, May 1, 2015

New Embroidery

This was a very enjoyable embroidery to do, it was done from a pattern provided by Cheryl {Chez60} on Flickr.  She has a wonderful collection of vintage landscape embroidery patterns and I'm very grateful she has decided to share them with us.  Here is a copy of the pattern:
I used several different types of threads.  I'm very fortunate to have a large collection of them to choose from.
On the roof I used Valdani Twisted Tweed Pearl Cotton, I thought it provided an interesting texture.  For the chimney I used a Cosmos Seasons variegated floss, I have used this one many times when doing bricks.
I used Caron Watercolors in several places in this embroidery.  I especially like it for French knots since each of its three strands even when separated are quite thick and fill up an area fairly fast.  
These hollyhocks were made with Watercolors Cherry Cordial.
In the background a chain stitched farmer's field and French knot teal colored bushes.  
I can't say I'm totally happy with the entire embroidery.  For example, after stitching the rain barrel next to the chimney, we were driving somewhere and I saw a real wooden barrel and it was a weathered gray, not brown like mine.  And I'm not really crazy about those teal bushes but have you ever tried ripping out a large area of French knots?  Let me tell you, it's not something I enjoy.
But I try to learn from each project and for the most part, it's quite fun!
Thank you so much for stopping in and taking a look at my embroidery!