Sunday, January 2, 2011

Unna von Bergen 1869 finished!

 This was made using Beth Twist's free chart that she reproduced from an antique.  I used the DMC threads that she suggested and stitched it on a sort of grayish blue Silkweaver linen.  I've been working on this off and on since she offered the chart last August and it was quite fun to stitch.  You can find the chart on her blog Heartstring Samplery  in the list of her free charts.  Thank you, Beth for such a generous gift!
I just finished this embroidery, I like the nostalgic look of the pattern.  I used a combination of DMC, Cosmos Seasons and DMC Color Variations on unbleached muslin.  This pattern is one of the many I've been collecting from the Flickr group  Hoop Love Vintage Transfers.
Now, here's a couple of cuddling kitty pictures:
Tigger and Harley
 Harley and Cricket
Happy New Year to everyone and once again thank you so much for your comments!


Nancy said...

Oh what gorgeous needlework! Unna von Bergen is stunning with those wonderful colors. I printed it out when it was posted, but haven't stitched it yet, and I have never seen it stitched. It's gorgeous! And, I love your embroidery! You do beautiful work. Your kitties are gorgeous too!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty finish! The colours are so bright and cheerful and how lovely that it's a freebie.

Your kitties are so cute; our two rarely snuggle so it's nice to see yours curled up together :)

Babs in Alabama said...

Both are beautiful finishes, Karen. Love the bright colors of the one and, as you said, the nostalgia of the embroidery.
happy new year to you, Tom, and all the kitties!

Sharon said...

Stunning finish and gorgeous embroidery too! Congrats!

Sally said...

What a gorgeous finish! I can't believe it's a freebie. Beautiful colours.

Happy New Year!

Marie said...

Such lovely needlework and cute kitties -- they're all wonderful :-)