Tuesday, July 7, 2020

A New Purse and Life at Hayfield Cottage

I just made a new Purse using a lovely  Berlinwork design from the Antique Pattern Library  The lace that you see above and below the roses is antique also.
A view of the hayfield from our backyard.
Our youngest grandson sitting on one of the bales.
Some of our roses.

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Vintage Sampler, Embroidery and Doilies

This is a vintage looking sampler that I stitched recently using mostly Nancy Turner's Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe threads.  I have been in her Primitive Limited Edition Floss club for a while now and am thoroughly enjoying it!  The chart for the sampler is from an old Just Cross Stitch publication and I had been meaning to stitch it up ever since I first saw it. 

Here's a little embroidery from a vintage pattern made with a variety of threads.  I do like to use many different kinds of threads for embroideries, I think it makes them more interesting to look at and more fun to do.  The vintage doilies that you see surrounding these stitched pieces are ones that I found in a thrift store last summer for the incredible price of three for a dollar!  There was a very large tub of them so I ended up buying about 30 or 40 of them, lucky me!

This is me and my dear little grandson, Calvin, hasn't he grown?
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Embroidered House and Flowers

Here's my latest embroidery with a house and flowery yard.  The trees make it look like springtime which is the wrong season, but I did start it during spring which wasn't that long ago for us.  It just took me a while to do.
When I post the pattern below, you will see that I made some changes as I usually do.  I decided to leave out the hammock and the person in it because I just can't do people in embroidery.  But, I didn't think it would be a problem, I would just add some more flowers.
I put in more flowers on the tree on the right because I scorched the fabric when pressing the pattern on so those spots needed to be covered up.  I used the nice fluffy Caron Watercolours for the blossoms on the two trees.  And as always, I used many different brands and types of thread on this embroidery.
I guess I got a little carried away when I put some ground cover vines down here.  I was kind of thinking of vinca vines with their little purple flowers.
Here's the pattern, it's a vintage one, so it's perfectly ok to use it since it's in the public domain.  I hope someone might enjoy embroidering it, if you do I would love to see it.
 This is our new, adorable grandson, Calvin Patrick, he came into our lives about six weeks ago and has stolen our hearts!
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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Flower Basket Purse

Here's another project that makes use of an embroidery made from a vintage pattern.  It's also one of my very favorite subjects for embroidery, a basket full of flowers.  I just love them!  It was a very simple pattern, mostly lazy daisy and button hole stitches were used.
I had the pink fabric in my sewing room closet and decided to use it instead of my usual unbleached or tea-dyed muslin.  I was at Hobby Lobby looking for some trim to go with it, when that flowered fabric caught my eye from across the room and I knew it would go perfectly with the embroidered design.
The dark pink and blue threads are Hobby Lobby's Artiste, the lavender flowers were made with Sulky Blendable and the white daisies used DMC.  I wanted a more textured heavy fiber for the basket so I stitched it with Caron Watercolours in Antique Bronze.  I then added the leaves using a nice green Threadworx pearl cotton size 12.
This is the pattern, as I mentioned before, quite simple, but a joy to stitch!  I found it on Flickr's Hooplove Vintage Transfers, a place that I love to browse often!  Thanks for visiting once again!