Monday, February 14, 2011

A Bluebird, a Wishing Well and some Kitties

I recently finished off "Singing the Blues" by Little House Needleworks into a stuffed ornament.  I changed it a little by making the alphabet and border pink.  Although I think it was really pretty the way it was designed, I preferred to balance the colors out a bit more.  
The pattern for this design is another one from the Flickr group, Hoop Love Vintage Transfers".  I really love some of those older designs and they are fun to stitch.  I used  Cosmos Seasons and DMC Color Variations on this and I'm not sure what to do with it yet, maybe I'll make it into a summer purse.
This design came from a wonderful site called Homeberries.  There are bunches of free patterns like this one in a primitive or whimsical style.  I made this for my friend Choral who's a kitty lover like me.  And speaking of kitties, here's a couple of recent pictures of our spoiled babies:
Harley, being the silly boy that he is.
Tigger, with Harley in a head-lock.
And Trixie trying to sneak a cuddle with Tigger.  That's it for now, thank you everyone for looking at my blog once again and thanks also for all comments, I love to hear from you!


Nancy said...

Your needlework is always so fun to see and so beautiful! I love the pink letters on the LHN piece, and I love your embroidery too. Thanks for the link to Homeberries.

Your spoiled babies look as spoiled as ours are. They are so cute!

Babs in Alabama said...

I love "singing the blues" and plan to stitch it myself one of these days. I'm seeing a lot of embroidery in the blogging world and yours is always beautiful!
hugs, babs

sana said...

Lovely blue bird!  Wonderful embroidery.

Anonymous said...

I love your Singing the Blues finish - the extra pink is just the right touch!

Your kitties are so cute - I love how they snuggle together :)

Siobhan said...

Your work is lovely! The Singing the Blues finish is fantastic.

Great kitty pics! :)

Annie said...

Wonderful pieces. Thanks for the link to the Homeberries site. I'm developing quite a fondness for prim stitchery.

Sally said...

I love your Singing the Blues! Looks so pretty with the red of the alphabet. I'd never thought of doing that!