Friday, March 4, 2011

Stitching Bag, Stash and Warm Buns

Hello everyone, I was finally able to come out of my blogging slump long enough to do a post.  I made this stitching bag a few days ago, and used some designs from my little book--Schone Alte Stick-Ornamente.  If you don't remember this book take a look at my July 29, 2010 post to see a picture of it.  I chose my own colors of Cosmos Seasons floss and used up some of my ric-rac  to trim it.
 Here's the design on the other side of the bag.  Even though one of the designs is horizontal and the other one is more vertical, I thought they would coordinate well as long as they were on opposite sides of the bag from each other.  And because the Cosmos thread is colorfast, I can throw this in the washer when it gets dirty just  like all my other bags.
I recently received some new Nashville stash including my favorite, A Stitcher's Journey by Blackbird Designs.   Do you have yours yet?  If you've been thinking of getting a copy, I wholeheartedly recommend that you do, I think it's the best one they have done yet and that's saying a lot!  I literally want to stitch  every design in that book!  The view on this page is of a reproduction sampler, isn't it lovely?  I got my copy from Anita, her's are only $22.50 compared to $27.00 elsewhere.  
Now, I want to show you a kitty picture.  I had gone out the door the other day to go to work, decided I couldn't remember if I had turned off the coffee pot and when I came back in to check here's what I saw:
 Apparently, a recently used Mr. Coffee is a warm and cozy place to sit if you're a kitty!  Trixie's expression was so nonchalant, as if sitting on a coffee pot is the most normal thing to do!
Thank you, my blogging pals, for listening to my babble once again, come back again soon!


sana said...

Wonderful design. Beautiful finish! I have this Dutch book, too. A really splendid book. I want to do a stitch in reference to this book, too.

Sally said...

I love your finish! It is beautiful.

I pre-ordered the BBD book and am waiting for it to arrive. I think it's on a slow boat though! Lol!

What a cute picture of Trixie!

Karen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Your stitching is so pretty and you have some great finishes!

Your black kitty does look just like mine... must have been separated at birth!!!

happy stitching....

Lynn B said...

That is the funniest picture of a cat I have ever seen!

Love the finishes by the way, very pretty!

Marie said...

Just gorgeous work!

And Trixie clearly thinks it's a wonderful place to not only stay warm but look like a queen! My cats haven't tried that yet which surprises me actually, I tend to find them in the strangest places :-)

Bonkers in Barnhart

ria said...

πολύ όμορφο blog!!!
και υπέροχη η δουλειά σου φίλη μου!!