Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just a Bunch of Pictures

I was in a picture taking mood today!
Inside plants.
Sedum in bloom.
Flowerpots in barn.
Burr plant.
Mother barn swallow feeding babies.  She's hovering over the one on the far left.
 My new tattoo!
The new baby in the family, we finally decided on a permanent name for her--Pepper!
I hope you're having a wonderful summer!  Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Margaret Wins the Chart!

Although I have to say, Margaret, your chance to win was pretty good since there were only two entries.
Yours and Newfie Princess'.  I was going to have my husband pick one of the papers from the bowl, but when I was ready, he was napping.  Cricket was nearby, so I set the bowl down in front of him.  I decided that whichever paper he made leave the bowl would be the winner.  He just looked at it for a minute, then took a swat at one and sent it across the room.  It was the one with Margaret's name on it.  But since there were only two entries, I would also like to send a little something to Newfie Princess.  I see from your blog, Newfie, that you like Prairie Schooler.  I have some tiny little charts from them, if you would like to have them you can send me your address and I will send them on their way.  Margaret, I still have your address from before and I will get the Jenny Bean chart out to you right away.  Thank you both for entering my {tiny!} contest. 
Cricket, taking a well deserved rest after the difficult chore of choosing a winner.
Now, I have a new bag to show you:
I used an embroidery that I made some time ago from a vintage pattern.
A large pocket on the back and some vintage buttons from my button box.
The nerd-like ink pen pocket, I should probably see if I can find one of those plastic pocket protectors for it!  Now, I'm off to the sewing room to make yet another bag if you can believe it!
Here's Sarah Bean and her little one--we've been calling her Butter Bean--out in the cat house today.  Our other kitties have been gradually getting used to them, there have been lots of hisses and growls, but so far no carnage, so I'm grateful!  Thank you for visiting again!