Monday, June 10, 2013

The Grubs Ate Our Back Yard and Other Pictures

Last summer most of our lawn was eaten by grubs.  If you haven't experienced these little devils, they are fat worm-like creatures that burrow under the ground and eat the roots of whatever grass you may have.  Then the grass dies and you are left with bare dirt.  At first, we were a little upset, but then the area began to fill in with a variety of plants.  Of course, nature abhors a vacuum!
Some came from nearby flower beds, some probably just appeared when seeds blew in from elsewhere.  Mostly weeds, like the yellow flowers here.  I know they're weeds but I don't care, I think they are rather nice looking!
One of the things that we now have are these adorable miniature violas or Johnny-Jump-Ups.  The larger viola that is in the middle is a normal sized one so you can see how tiny the other ones are.   One of the advantages of our new wildflower garden is it doesn't have to be mowed, my husband likes that!
Close up of the yellow weed flowers.
This picture was taken in the woods by our neighbor's house.  She was out walking and found this darling little fawn.  Its mother was probably away finding something to eat and when Mom tells her fawn to stay put they will not budge.  We took pictures while being careful not to disturb the little one and then we crept quietly away.  At one point I saw the fawn's eye flutter open to look at me, but he/she did not move other than that!
Just a picture of some ground fog that appeared one evening, I like the way it looks kind of ethereal.
I call this Forget-Me-Not Lane.  It's part of one of the walking areas in our town, this probably goes for about a quarter of a mile with loads of the little blue flowers on each side of the path.  I love waking through there!
My latest tattoo! I have always loved the look of bird's nests with eggs and when I saw this picture on The Graphics Fairy, a wonderful website full of vintage images, I knew it would make a great tattoo.  If you haven't been there, be sure and check it out at The Graphics Fairy
This tattoo was done by Erik at Lakeview Tattoo, the same artist who did all of my other ones, I think he did a beautiful job on it!
Thanks for visiting again, I appreciate it!


Penny said...

Lovely pictures! That's amazing to come across that little fawn - how sweet. :) And I would love to take a walk down Forget-Me-Not Lane. Beautiful tattoo.

Annie said...

Those wildflowers are fantastic! They look like the kinds of things you like to embroider. And that fawn is such a sweet little Bambi. Glad he/she didn't get spooked by the camera.

That tat is just too much! You continue to amaze me with that body artwork!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

Yes, we have grubs..........they are so destructive. Beautiful flowers and how wonderful to see a baby fawn!! I would love to have a path like the one on the forget me nots! Pretty tat. You are going to be Eric's canvas! Love the vintage look to it!

Aurelia Eglantine said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm so sorry you had to deal with an insect invasion (*shudders*) but at least they only ate the lawn and not on into the house, LOL!

Your new wildflower garden is lovely, and the little violas are so cute :) Forget-Me-Not Lane looks like a page from a storybook, it must be gorgeous to walk down!

The little fawn is adorable and your new tattoo is so colorful - the detail in the twigs and the speckling on the eggs is so dimensional it almost looks real ;)

Solstitches said...

Beautiful wildflowers. What a lovely walk it must be to stroll along Forget me Not Lane :)
That is quite some tattoo - it looks very realistic.