Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Embroidered House and Flowers

Here's my latest embroidery with a house and flowery yard.  The trees make it look like springtime which is the wrong season, but I did start it during spring which wasn't that long ago for us.  It just took me a while to do.
When I post the pattern below, you will see that I made some changes as I usually do.  I decided to leave out the hammock and the person in it because I just can't do people in embroidery.  But, I didn't think it would be a problem, I would just add some more flowers.
I put in more flowers on the tree on the right because I scorched the fabric when pressing the pattern on so those spots needed to be covered up.  I used the nice fluffy Caron Watercolours for the blossoms on the two trees.  And as always, I used many different brands and types of thread on this embroidery.
I guess I got a little carried away when I put some ground cover vines down here.  I was kind of thinking of vinca vines with their little purple flowers.
Here's the pattern, it's a vintage one, so it's perfectly ok to use it since it's in the public domain.  I hope someone might enjoy embroidering it, if you do I would love to see it.
 This is our new, adorable grandson, Calvin Patrick, he came into our lives about six weeks ago and has stolen our hearts!
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