Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Kitties!

About three weeks ago, I was in the back yard when I heard some little meows coming from our shed.  I went to investigate and found in the far corner in an old goat and calf feeder a bundle of six newborn kittens.  Later that evening their mother showed up, that's her in the above picture.  I think she may have been running back and forth to a barn up the road to get some food.  We didn't want her to have to travel for her food so we started giving her a dish and some water every day.  All went well for a few days, we figured the kittens would grow up and we could probably find homes for them.  This wasn't the first time a neighborhood cat had had kittens in our shed, that's how we came to have our Maggie.  We adopted out her babies and she came in the house to live with us.  But unfortunately, I went in one morning and was horrified to discover that something, probably a weasel, had dug under the wall next to the little family and killed five of the six little ones.  I at first thought it had gotten all of them, but later that day I went out and heard a little cry and discovered that one had somehow escaped the critter.  Here she {or he} is:
An adorable little tabby.  We brought Mom and Baby into the house to keep them safe, they are staying by themselves in an upstairs room.  We are going to try and keep the mom if we can get our other cats to accept her in time.  She's an absolute sweetheart and very affectionate.  She's quite small and we have decided to call her Sarah Bean.  Theoretically, the baby will be adopted by someone, but we shall see.  I'm thinking maybe a good name for her or him would be Jelly Bean.  Here's some more pictures.
Don't worry, I only put them in the chair for picture taking, the little one is usually in a basket under the chair.  Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Annie said...

You are so good to save the kitties. Sad that the others didn't make it, but at least the fighters have a safe place to stay!

Sheila said...

Yes, good for you to save the cat and kitten...such a shame about the others, but at least these two have found a loving home :)

Solstitches said...

How sad that only one of the kittens made it.
Mother and baby are adorable. I think it must be hard to part with such a cute little bundle.
Lovely pictures Karen.

Penny said...

Aren't they sweet! They look very comfortable and happy in their new home. :) It's sad about the others and good that you were there to rescue these two.

Nancy said...

How wonderful that you were able to rescue the mother and one of the kittens. The little one is just adorable, and I think the mother is a very pretty kitty.

sana said...

Eyes to dream of. So cute kitten!!

Nurdan said...

No matter which color the cat is - I love all of them! Besides, yours are so cute!!! Your tattoo looks incredible by the way.

I came to say "you are welcome to my humble blog" and as your new follower "I am welcome to your blog too".

Greetings from far far away!